More Than A Seasoning


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Halite, or rock salt is a mineral form of common table salt. It is usually mined and the crystals of salt are a considerable size larger. It is edible, but there are more uses for salt than seasoning food. One of the main uses for salt is to put on roads during the winter time to melt ice. Tons of the salt are put on Interstates and roads to break up the ice and melt snow to clear the highway.

Another use of the salt is for making homemade ice cream. The salt is combined with ice within the ice cream machine or make. As the salt makes the ice melt on the outside of the metal container, the temperature within that container drops and makes the ice cream mixture inside the container freeze faster.

Branding Basics


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If you’re starting a new business, branding is critical to consider. Your customer base will come to associate your visual style with your company and this will keep your business in the front of their minds.

Branding starts with a logo. Work with a talented graphic designer to develop your logo. A lot of business owners make the mistake of skimping on this, but don’t fall into that trap. You’ll want to keep it simple. Remember that it will need to look distinctive at any size because you’ll be putting it on billboards, newspaper ads, business cards and letterheads.

Once you’ve selected your logo, you need to make sure your other graphics are in the same style. Make sure the style of your brochures, for example, is consistent with your letterhead. This will help keep your branding consistent, which is key to your company’s recognition.

Sad News


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My daughter had failed her hearing screening test at school in the fifth grade. The school recommended that I make an appointment with her physician right away. I made an appointment and took her to get her ears checked out. When the doctor was doing her hearing test she could only hear certain tones and sounds.

The doctor requested to get an x-ray and an MRI at a nearby hospital. The results that came back for me was very upsetting for myself and daughter. I was told that she had to have hearing aids Altrincham for the rest of her life. The good thing about this entire experience is that she can hearing new sounds that she could never hear before. Her grades have also came up some in school as well and she is pronouncing words a lot better than before.

Wedding Gifts


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Recently, I married the love of my life. Against my better judgment, we decided not to register for wedding gifts. I did not realize what a mess it would cause. About two weeks after our wedding, gifts started arriving from long distance family. I had not discussed what we wanted or needed with any of them and that made opening the gifts a huge surprise.

My husband and I sat down to open the first gift and it was a set of silverware. It was beautiful flatware that we definitely needed. Next, we opened the second gift. It was an additional set of silverware set from another relative. It was almost exactly the same as the first one. We had a laugh and opened another gift. Can you believe it was another set of silverware.

We came to the conclusion that silverware was a popular wedding gift this year and returned two of the duplicate sets for something else we needed. I really should have registered and this would not have happened.

How to Tell You’ve Reached Your Limit


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“Keep going! Work it! One more!”

My Cardiff personal trainer’s shouts were the standard things trainers say, and I was used to it. I’d been seeing him for months now, noticing real improvements and getting real results. Today didn’t seem any different, at first.

But as we went from squats to dead lifts to kettlebell swings to quick treadmill sprints, something felt different. I was pushing myself harder than ever. I was in the zone and loving it. I was unstoppable! A machine! Nothing could get in my way.

That’s when I threw up.

Not “ran to the bathroom and threw up,” mind you, but just “threw up,” in the middle of a full gym. My trainer didn’t miss a beat. He just looked down at the floor, nodded, and clapped my shoulders. “Now that’s dedication,” he said. “I guess we’ll call that a day.”

Time of My Life


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I have always been an adventurous spirit but the college trip to England was probably the best time of my life. I ended up staying in one of the best Premier Inn Manchester hotels in history, the Manchestrous Dragon Inn. This hotel had everything you can think of – a flying trapeze, singing maidens, Cheshire cats, and the court of the Queen of England herself. However, the Queen went by Madame Puffingsworth here, it was her alternative performer name. Basically, this place was a wonderland for the mind and body and if you were lucky enough to find yourself there, you would not leave the same man you came in. I met a new state of higher being in this hotel, and I would never change a thing if I could. While I was there, I discovered what true sweet love was and it was a little scary, but worth it for the memories.

Hold in Moisture


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Managing my incontinence would prove to be a feat that I would just have to endure, or so I thought. Once I stumbled upon the right type of incontinence pads for my medical inability to withhold urine until I reached a restroom, the problem would be virtually as non-existent as it was once before. If only I had been told that all pads are not make equally before? It wasn’t like I exactly saw commercials on television in the middle of my stories.

I learned that there are a great number of things to consider when making a decision on which ones to use. The ability to hold in moisture was of course the most notable for me, but there were other factors to consider. I needed pads that without a detectable scent and that were not able to be seen through my clothing. Finding the right pair was an simple as taking with some of my close girlfriends from bingo!

Love travelling


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When I am traveling I know that it can be nearly impossible to have the best time that I want. The reason for this is because the trips are generally related to my business and this is very boring! I know that for me, if it was not for the Hong Kong hotels that I stay in I would never be able to have a great time.

By staying here, it is easy for me to go back to my room and have a great time because I do not have to be concerned about other people bothering me. The only concern that I have when I am staying here is figuring out what exactly I should be doing once I am inside of the hotel. However, most of the hotels are located close enough to attractions that I can go to them and easily slip back into my room with no distractions.